Construction Can Result in Serious Injuries

Construction Can Result in Serious Injuries

Get compensation with help from a lawyer in Yonkers, NY

Working in construction is dangerous. If you're injured on the job, you shouldn't have to pay for your recovery alone. Financial compensation is possible with help from the Law Offices of Philip Mellea in Yonkers, NY. Our lawyer will work with you to file workers' compensation claims and fight for financial reimbursement.

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Use financial compensation for your recovery

As a personal injury law firm, our job is to help you get financial compensation for your construction injuries. After your accident, our lawyer will fight for your rights in court and advocate on your behalf.

If you receive financial compensation, you can use those funds to...

Pay your medical bills. This includes prescriptions, doctor's visits and surgeries.
Support your family. Replace your lost wages with workers' compensation funds.

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