Drug Charges Can Affect Your Future

Drug Charges Can Affect Your Future

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More and more people are being arrested for selling narcotics in Yonkers, NY. If you've been charged with selling or possessing drugs, you need to speak with a criminal law attorney. The Law Offices of Philip Mellea will work with you to build a strong defense case and present it in court.

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3 types of drug charges

Not all drug crimes are the same. The type of crime you're charged with can affect your sentence. While there are many different types of drug crimes, three of the most common are...

  1. Possession. This includes having illegal drugs on your person or property.
  2. Manufacturing. This is the production of illegal drugs, usually with the intent to sell.
  3. Trafficking. This is the process of selling illegal drugs to other people.

Whether you were charged with possession, manufacturing or trafficking, our team is here to help. Schedule an appointment with a criminal law attorney today by calling 914-589-8092.

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