Stop Postponing Your Will

Stop Postponing Your Will

Plan for your family's future with a wills attorney in Yonkers, NY

You're always looking out for your loved ones. By working with a wills attorney in Yonkers, New York, you can protect them even after you're gone. Creating a will lets you decide exactly how your estate will be divided after your death, so your family won't have to make any difficult decisions while grieving.

Prevent estate disputes by creating a clear legal document now. Work with a wills attorney from the Law Offices of Philip Mellea as soon as possible.

Your loved ones want you to write a will

A will won't just safeguard your assets; it will also shelter your family from hardship. Creating a will and trusts helps your family avoid the pain of...

Will contests: When family members contest the validity of a will, it can become a disaster. Work with an estate planning attorney to make sure your will is legally binding.
Family feuds: Disagreements over how a deceased family member would have wanted their estate divided can end up dividing families.
Excessive taxes: Don't leave your loved ones scrambling to pay probate fees and high inheritance taxes. Set up trusts ahead of time to make things simple and affordable.

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